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RealU and dtp entertainment.

About Otherland

Otherland is an action MMORPG based on the virtual reality novels by best-selling author Tad Williams. Your journey through Otherland will carry you to breathtaking and ever-changing worlds, bursting with incomparable detail thanks to the latest Unreal Engine.

Take part in an epic war with the medieval "Eight Squared" simulation and uncover the secrets of the "Mars" simulation. Get together with other players in the bars of the "Lambda Mall" to play one of the many mini games. Or use "MyLand" to build your own world in which you collect eDNA from the creatures and objects you find and copy them for your own ends.

In Otherland, you can take direct control of action-packed battles and enjoy the innovative RPG character development system and a rich story laced with numerous cut scenes - without subscription fees! Continue reading...

Featured video

Otherland - MMORPG - Official Gameplay Trailer - next-g 2012

Otherland - MMORPG - Official Gameplay Trailer - next-g 2012


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